Triaba Review: Survey Scam or Legit?

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Welcome to my Triaba Review!

Can you make money in your spare time? Yes, if the opportunity is right. But that is the tricky part: finding the right money-making opportunity.

Taking surveys for pay is a popular way to make a little extra spending cash. But with some of these companies, you may run into problems receiving payouts, not having enough surveys, or having to pay for survey access, and stuff.

Are you going to have problems with Triaba? Keep reading to find out what this company is all about. Find out how it works and, more importantly, if you’ll actually get paid.

Triaba Overview 
Triaba Review

Earning Potential


Overall Rating

What We Like 
  • Free to join 
  • Available in over 60 countries 
  • PayPal payouts available 
What We Don't Like
  • Limited earnings 
  • High payout threshold 
  • Money becomes inactive 


What Is Triaba?

Triaba is a Norwegian-based survey panel company. You get paid to take surveys. The catch is that you have to qualify for the surveys first. But unlike some companies, this one is available for most countries. They cater to 65 countries to be exact.

This survey site has a bunch of qualifications that support its legitimacy, including:

  • Member of AMA (American Marketing Association)
  • Subscribes and adheres to AAPOR Code (American Association for Public Opinion Research)
  • Follows ESOMAR’s code of conduct
  • Member of Norsk Markedsanalyse Forening (a Norwegian market research association)

The company claims that you can make between $0.50 to $5.50 per completed online survey. It also has an accompanying app, OpinionApp, to complete surveys on the go.

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Triaba Review

How Does Triaba Work?

Want to earn money taking surveys? First, you need to fill out the short registration form on the main website page. After you submit your information, check your email for the confirmation link.

Next, click your confirmation link and your registration is complete. When you log in for the first time, you’ll have to complete some profile surveys. This is so that the company knows which surveys you may qualify for.

Profile Surveys

Your profile contains personal demographic information. Some of the profile surveys include:

  • Family
  • General information
  • Occupation
  • Auto
  • Travel

It’s a good idea to complete as many of the profile surveys as possible. Doing so may help increase your chances of receiving new survey invitations.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of profiles to complete. And while it may benefit you in the long run, you will not get paid for completing them. You can take a look at your “profile completeness” by checking out the percentage on your account page.

Remember that some companies only want to hear from those in specific demographics. The more profiles you fill out, the better your chances of qualifying for them. You can always edit your profile information later if you need to.

Survey Invitations

After you’ve filled out your profile, it’s time to start taking surveys for pay, right? Not exactly. You have to wait for survey invitations first.

You may receive these invitations in a couple of ways. The first way is by checking your dashboard on the Triaba website. If you have any survey opportunities, the notifications will be there.

Otherwise, you can simply wait for survey invitations to be sent to you via email. This may be a better solution for some who are busy throughout the day.

According to the website, you can expect between 1 and 7 survey invitations per month. That number may vary depending on your information and how thorough you were when you completed your profile.

Is that the average number for most survey websites? Not exactly. It’s on the low side. And it could be even lower depending on your demographics and client needs.

Survey Closed or Quota Full Messages

Sometimes you may receive a message that the survey is closed or your quota is full. This may happen for a few reasons.

First, surveys are generally active for 2-7 days. If you try to access the survey beyond the active date, you may find it closed. It’s a good idea to click on the survey link as soon as you can.

In addition, the company sends out a lot of invitations without the expectation that everyone will respond. Therefore, when they receive the desired number of completed surveys, they close it.

Lastly, full quotas are another way for Triaba to indicate that they have all the respondents that they need for the survey. If you see this message, it simply means that they don’t need any more surveys. It also means that you won’t receive payment for this survey.

How Much Does Triaba Cost?

Triaba doesn’t cost anything to join. However, you do have to invest some time into filling out your profile surveys. And that’s not a guarantee that you’ll receive a lot of survey invitations.

How Much Can You Make with Triaba?

The big question is whether you can make money with Triaba, right? Making money on survey websites, in general, depends on how many surveys you complete.

Officially, Triaba claims that surveys pay between $.50 and $5.50. But some members claim to receive less than $0.50 for the first few surveys.

Keep in mind, though, that the higher paying surveys are rare. If you do happen to get one, expect to spend approximately half an hour competing it. They’re relatively long.

Generally, though, surveys take between 5 to 20 minutes to complete. As far as survey websites go, that time spent per survey is nearly the same as competitor sites.

Qualifying Questions

Another aspect that bears mention is the qualifying questions for surveys. This is another set of questions that you have to answer after you accept a survey invitation. If you don’t meet the survey criteria, you’ll receive a polite rejection. And you won’t get paid for your time.

How to Get Paid

If you’re working with Triaba USA, you have 3 payment options to choose from:

  • PayPal: minimum $12.50 account balance, takes 1-4 days
  • Amazon gift card: minimum 80 points/$10.00, claim code emailed within 4 weeks
  • G-codes virtual gift code: minimum 80 points/$10.00, gift code emailed within 1-4 business days

However, the payment methods vary depending on the country you live in.

What I Like About Triaba

Triaba has a few positive points. As far as survey websites go, this one isn’t completely bad. These are the best features of the company:

1. Free to Join

You may come across some money-making opportunities that are free. But they are rarely completely free. This one is and there are no hidden fees.

2. Available for Most Countries Worldwide

In addition, Triaba is available in most countries around the world. Some survey websites restrict participation to the U.S. or other English-speaking countries.

3. PayPal Payouts

Most people have a PayPal account. Because they use a common payout method, it’s a little easier to track and use.

4. Easy to Use

Speaking of use, their dashboard and format are easy to use. Messages are relatively clear and it’s simple to set up an account.

Triaba Complaints

This is not a perfect opportunity, though. So before you sign up for this website, take a look at these negative points:

1. Limited Earning Opportunities

Can you quit your day job by participating with Triaba? No. At best, you may make enough for some pocket change. But this opportunity certainly won’t make you rich.

Unfortunately, it’s because there aren’t many surveys to go around. And the surveys you may receive invitations for? You may not pass the “screening” questions. These extra screening measures further limit earning potential.


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2. High Payout Threshold

In addition, it would take a while to reach the minimum threshold to receive a payout. Even if you received one $5.00 survey a month, it would take you close to 3 months to receive the first payment.

But that’s not all. Most payments are in the $0.50 range. Couple that with limited survey opportunities and you may be waiting even longer.

3. Money Becomes Inactive

If you don’t do any surveys for a while, your money will become inactive. That means that it disappears from your account. Of course, you can always email Triaba and have it reinstated if your account isn’t deleted completely. But if you don’t have any account activity for two years, your account auto-deletes and that includes any remaining money.

Is Triaba a Scam?

Triaba is definitely not a scam. However, it’s not the most effective way to earn money either. Even for pocket money each month, this one alone won’t do it for you. If you’re set on making money via surveys, you may want to enroll in multiple opportunities.

Some people may feel that the time invested is worth the small payouts from time to time. If that sounds like you, just remember to keep logging into your account to show activity.

When I tested out the platform, I answered 100 screening questions to do with my income, what appliances I own and so on. It's day 4 now and still haven't received a survey to complete. I will give this one a pass. Not something you want to try if you're looking for consistent income. 

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