PrizeGrab Review: Legit Prizes or Scam?

Welcome to my PrizeGrab review...

Sweepstakes websites have become some of the most popular methods of building up a large email directory and generating traffic for various websites. Sweepstakes are almost like the natural evolution of your garden variety affiliate website.

It’s more user-friendly and easier to advertise on without being invasive. Of course, not all websites are designed perfectly. Now, there are two types of sweepstakes that you can enter: paid and free. But only one of them is governed by law.

There’s nothing wrong with paying to play the lottery. Everyone has been doing this since the concept was invented and put into practice. This is the regulated type. That’s why you see all sorts of sweepstakes on TV emphasize that they’re free to join (or they’d be treated as illegal lottery schemes).

But does this mean that free sweepstakes and lottery platforms are scamming people in some way?

Should your alarm bells go off when someone tells you that you can win a large smart TV by creating a free account on a website and offering some credentials? – This and more you’ll find out in the following paragraphs as you read all about PrizeGrab, one of the most popular platforms in this sector of the affiliate marketing industry.

PrizeGrab Overview 


Earning Potential


Overall Rating

What We Like 

  • Free to join
  • Large selection of prizes

What We Don't Like

  • Lots of scams
  • Time intensive 
  • Lots of spam emails


What Is PrizeGrab?

PrizeGrab is one of many online sweepstakes platforms which offer users the chance to win various cash and physical prizes.

How Does PrizeGrab Work?

There are three aspects to PrizeGrab that you need to know of. First of all, you can use multiple entries for certain contests. This allows you to increase your chances of winning. Depending on the value of the prize, the duration of the contest may be short or long.

Therefore, each day you can add multiple entries to increase your chances. Of course, everyone else can do the same thing. This is why having enough time to put in may pay off.

The second aspect of PrizeGrab is obnoxious advertising. The platform is riddled with online ads and pop-up deals. And, once you join, your email will also be flooded with ads, promotions, and other stuff that most people reserve for their bulk or spam folders.

This is however to be expected. Since PrizeGrab doesn’t charge its users for anything, the platform relies on affiliate deals and advertising for companies to fund the prizes.

The third aspect is the built-in levels. You’ll notice that as a new member you are a Bronze Level 1 PriceGrabber. This means that you are entitled or eligible only for a portion of sweepstakes. Participating in contests, winning contests, and doing tasks on PrizeGrab will help you increase your level.

Once you hit higher thresholds you will become eligible for more prizes. This means bigger cash rewards, more expensive gadgets, and more valuable gift cards.

How Much Does PrizeGrab Cost?

PrizeGrab is free to join. You don’t have to pay anything to earn tokens or multiple entries or access to higher reward levels. The only investment you make is time. The time it takes to enter multiple contests may not be something you have much of.

How Much Money Can You Make with PrizeGrab?

Before even trying to make an estimate, it’s worth considering the list of potential rewards you can get your hands on: cash, Amazon gift cards, tech gadgets, kitchen appliances, gaming systems and peripherals, etc.

It’s impossible to estimate how much you can make with PrizeGrab. What should be easy to understand is that PrizeGrab is not a substitute for a 9-to-5 job. It’s also not a substitute for a part-time job or even a substitute for running a blog or an affiliate website in parallel with your career.

Due to the randomness of the rewards and the tough competition, PrizeGrab is still a lottery so you shouldn’t go in with high hopes and expectations.

It’s also worth pointing out that draws for items such as TV sets or anything similar in value may take more than a month. This means that your monthly earning potential from big prizes is very small by all accounts.

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What I Like About PrizeGrab

There are plenty of things to like about PrizeGrab even though you shouldn’t bank on it to net you impressive winnings.

1. Free To Use

The fact that the platform is free is good enough reason to join for almost anyone. Joining any random draw without having to pay probably wouldn’t hurt.

2. Large Selection of Prizes 

The selection of prizes is also impressive and somewhat commendable. Also interesting is how easy it is to enter sweepstakes. You don’t have to go through complex registration forms nor do you have to complete tasks (PTC microjobs).

3. Can Enter Many Draws Simultaneously 

The fact that there are many daily draws for small prizes is encouraging. That’s because you are allowed to enter and win multiple draws simultaneously.

PrizeGrab Complaints

1. Long Draws

One of the major issues with PrizeGrab is concerning their high value prizes. Although it’s nice to have a chance to win a TV set or home theater system without having to do anything but submit your email and click a few buttons every day, these draws take way too long as many users point out.

TV sets go out maybe once every three months. And based on how many active members PrizeGrab has, this particular niche doesn’t offer substantial rewards to the userbase.

2. Time Commitment

This is in a way tied to the previous complaint. Users point out the obvious differences between daily sweepstakes and long-term draws. You can click once a day and get a chance at $10 or something in that neighborhood.

However, in a long-term draw with a high value reward, users can have multiple entries. If you can imagine what it would take to enter PrizeGrab every day, spend time submitting entries, and doing this for over 60 days straight, you can imagine why some users are upset with the model.

It’s almost imperative that you do this if you want to have an equal chance of winning to other PrizeGrabbers that have nothing but spare time on their hands.

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3. Flooded with Emails

As already stated, once you become a PrizeGrabber, your email will be traded and sold perhaps hundreds of times. The consequence of this is getting inundated with promotional emails from partnered companies.

It may also open you up to receiving scam proposals regarding PrizeGrab. More on this in the next section.

4. Tons of Scams

PrizeGrab members as well as other people have been abused by various PrizeGrab sweepstakes scams. Many report that they have received emails from people pretending to be associated with PrizeGrab that asked them to enlist on other websites for this and that contest.

Some emails even ask for cash deposits, which is not something that PrizeGrab does. Although most PrizeGrab members immediately spot this red flag, those that have not heard about the platform may well fall into the trap.

5. Restricted to the US

Whenever something cool is going on in the US, the world is quick to complain that it’s an exclusive thing. In a way this is understandable. Because PrizeGrab is so popular, lots of people want to join but they can’t be eligible for the prizes unless they’re from the US or US territories such as Guam or the Virgin Islands. My Best Work At Home Recommendation is available for those all over the world. 

Is PrizeGrab a Scam?

PrizeGrab is most definitely not a scam. However, it is misleading, as much as any other lottery in the real world. PrizeGrab offers bold claims in terms of how much money you can make by being an active member on the platform.

And, to be completely fair, PrizeGrab states that the personal information you submit becomes rightfully theirs to sell and resell over and over. That’s something that not everyone bothers to tell you upfront.

But, between the many active users and the super long draws, PrizeGrab may seem like a waste of time for many.

If you’re willing to settle with one entry per contest, turn off the app, and just wait for an email notifying you of your success, then there’s no harm in joining. On the other hand, if you’re easily impressed and overly excitable, you can end up spending more time than you can afford just so you can add multiple entries under your belt and compete against an untold number of other users.

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Earning Potential




Easy of Use



  • Free to sign up
  • Lots of prizes


  • Time intensive
  • Lots of spam emails
  • Some sweepstakes can be scams

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