Online Money Making Scams – How To Avoid Them

online money making scams

There is so many online money making scams; you need to be vigilant and know how to spot a scam. So you search in Google for online or work from home opportunities and you find a website that tells you to sign up and start earning thousands of dollars instantly. If it was so easy we would all be millionaires by now!

When I buy and review a product there are certain guidelines I evaluate in order to determine whether an online opportunity is legitimate or a scam.


Examine The Website

Most scam websites are designed professionally and it is not always easy to determine a legitimate opportunity from a scam. Trust your instinct; if you think it is a scam, rather keep looking. If you see a big sign saying ”click here and start earning thousands of dollars’’, then that should also raise a red flag.

Let’s look at the following example of a random website I found.

If you want to be a millionaire, you better sign up now because there are a few spots available. Really? Firstly, they are trying to create a sense of urgency by stating there are limited spots left and if you look at the second screenshot they are hoping people will be gullible enough to think they can earn $1.8 million in 90 days. It’s signs like these you need to look for before investing your time and money.


online money making scams

online money making scams


False Endorsements

You can immediately see whether a scam has included false endorsements to make it appear more legitimate. If you look at the screenshots below, My Success Plan Online includes a video of ABC News discussing online opportunities – yes the video is real, but not in the way this website wants you to believe. ABC News certainly didn’t make any reference to this program. This is a common indication of online money making scams.

online money making scams


online money making scams


No Privacy Policy

Every website should have a privacy policy to safeguard its users. If you notice that a website has omitted a privacy policy, it then means the website owner can access your private details or distribute and even sell it to a third party if you give it to them. Most websites will usually include it in the footer of their website, so just double check on that.

online money making scams


No Form of Communication

Can you see:

  • An email address,
  • Phone number, or a
  • Physical address.

If there is no form of communication, you have to ask yourself why don’t they want people to contact them? Are they trying to conceal the fact they are running a scam? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

No Form of Communication


Creating A False Sense of Trust

One thing I have noticed when reviewing a site or program is some scams have software installed on their site that tracks your IP address. So as soon as you arrive on their website, your country’s flag will appear. They want to create the illusion that you are one of the few people in your country that will benefit from joining their program.

Refer to the image below. You will notice that websites that are selling a product will have a ‘’security verified’’ and ‘’privacy verified’’ badge somewhere on their site. This helps to protect people from viruses and to protect the privacy and details of the user. In order to read more about the security and privacy of the website you should be able to click on the badge and gain more information. If you can’t click on the badge, then chances are the site is a scam and they are trying to sell you a fantasy.

No Form of Communication


I have lost hundreds of dollars by joining and buying into online money making scams which I believed were legitimate. I believed they would actually teach me how to make money online. I have listed some of the obvious points above you can look at to evaluate the legitimacy of an online or work from home opportunity. Most of the time, I just go with my instinct.

A legitimate work from home opportunity should under no circumstances ask for an upfront fee and they should at least give you a free trial period to determine whether the program is for you or not. That’s what I like about the Wealthy Affiliate program. They offer a free membership, with two websites and tutorials to train you how to earn commissions by advertising on your site.

Have you been scammed before? Comment below if you have any other tips to avoid online scams.










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