My Success Plan Online – Is This Legit Or A Scam

My Success Plan Online

My Success Plan Online – Is This Legit Or A Scam

Product Name: Online Success Plan

Product Owner: Jordan Daniels 

Advertised Price: $97

Rating: 0/100





What Is My Success Plan Online?

The actual product behind the sales page is unknown at this stage. They basically tell you that you can earn lots of money and there are only a few spots available. Really?

Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Well, if you go the website you will see they display prominent logos on their site including NBC, Fox News, CNN, and ABC. Why are they doing this you may ask? They trying to create the illusion they have been featured on these prominent networks.  I’m guessing they will be slapped with a lawsuit soon for misusing and creating a false sense of advertising.

I have seen this type of sales page many times before. There are only 10 places left, sign up now. Yeah right. If you come back in a months’ time, it will still say only 10 places left.


What I Liked

When reviewing a product or program, I always try to find some sort of positive. However, with the My Success Plan Online program, there is nothing positive. They claim you can make up to $5000 but the only people that are getting rich here are the creators of this scam.


What I Didn’t Like

Guaranteed Success & Revenue

There is not a single program that can promise you success or revenue. That’s an instant red flag. When you start a niche site, it takes a tremendous amount of work. How can any program guarantee that you will actually put in the effort? If you don’t do any work, can they still guarantee you loads of money? I have created many niche websites, some were very profitable and others weren’t. Success isn’t guaranteed.

My Success Plan Online – Is This Legit Or A Scam

False Validations

On the website, they show a video of ABC News talking about work from home opportunities. Yes, many news networks have discussed work from home opportunities but not the way it is portrayed on the My Success Plan Online website. No news network has ever mentioned ‘’Jordan Daniels’’ or his program.


My Success Plan Online – Is This Legit Or A Scam

Have People Been Successful?

This is definitely a Pyramid Scheme and a form of MLM (multi-level marketing) where you have to recruit others to join in order to make money. There is no verifiable or solid proof that anyone has actually made any money with this program. Their sense of false advertising and fake endorsements is a huge red flag and not to mention they are also linked with other fake online opportunities.


Final Verdict

I usually like to purchase the products I review but didn’t even bother with this one. Just by visiting their site it was obvious they were a scam!

I did all my training with Wealthy Affiliate; at least with them, you can sign up and get two free websites with video tutorials showing you how to monetize your website by placing advertisements on it. Wealthy Affiliate does not guarantee you success but they do say if you put a lot of effort into your websites, you can earn a decent passive income. I’ve put their training into practice and lots of my websites earn about $250 a month and I only do it on a part-time basis. It’s not a lot but if you have a few niche websites it all adds up.




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