22 Methods How To Make Money Online From Home

make money online

How to make money online from home is possible. I started making money online a few years back and I never imagined that I would have profitable niche websites. I knew nothing about building websites, researching keywords or creating profitable content. As you probably have read in some of my other posts, I have been scammed several times in the past and lost thousands of dollars by opportunists who scam people for their own gain.

After years of research and trial and error, I found legit and honest ways of making money. Building niche websites is by far my preferred method but there so many ways you can start making money online.

I’ve worked online and I’ve been the boss online, so I’m going to break this post up into two sections:

  • For the worker – Hourly rate or fixed rate per project. This is where you provide a service and you get paid for your service. A very lucrative way of making money online depending on what services and skills you offer.
  • Be the boss – The money you can make is limitless. Sales are your main focus as you build a profitable online business.

The Worker – Offering Your Skills And Services To Make Money Online

Essentially someone is paying you for a service, so to make money online you have to fulfil a need and stand out from your competitors, whether you are a content writer or a graphic designer.

So lets look at ways you can earn money through your services…


Freelancing Websites

This is how I first got started before I went into affiliate marketing. I love writing and editing, so I decided to use those skills to earn money online. I joined freelance websites, sent my application when I saw a job that appealed to me and got awarded the job most of the time. In 2010, I was earning between $ 10,000 – $ 20,000 per year by writing content and editing for websites. That was only on a part-time basis and at that time, it was a lot of money for me.

Freelancing doesn’t have to cost you anything and there are thousands of jobs being posted each day. Here are a few jobs that are in demand right now when it comes to freelancing:

  1. Writing articles – every website needs content and this is one area that is always in demand.
  2. Website design and programming – lots of money to be made here. All website owners need a professional looking website.
  3. Making videos – you can create explainer or animation videos for websites.
  4. Virtual Assistant – everyone needs a little help sometimes. A VA ensures all administrative tasks are taken care of, sort of like a PA. If you are organised, then a virtual assistant is a great way to make money from home.
  5. Transcribing audio – clients will send you an audio clip and you will have to transcribe it and take notes of what is being said.
  6. Transcribing videos – same as above, but a client will send you a video that needs to be transcribed.
  7. Social media marketing – if social media is your thing, businesses can always hire you to market their content via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  8. Translating – another popular one. If you know more than one language, then this is a great way to earn money and translate articles into different languages.

I made most of my money by finding clients on Upwork and People Per Hour. Clients posts thousands of jobs every day

make money online


  1. Ebay

We all have ‘’useless’’ things in the garage or around the home that we no longer use and it is just gathering dust. Why not sell it on Ebay to someone who is willing to pay. It’s probably not a sustainable way to make money online, but it’s a quick way to get some money.

Sell electronics, antiques, clothing and anything you don’t need – you will be shocked at how much money you can actually make from things that you deemed as useless. I try to do this once a year and get rid of anything I know I will never use again.

  1. Teaching A Foreign Language

I have a friend here in South Africa who teaches English to Asian students and he makes a lot of money doing so. People are willing to pay a lot of money to learn another language, particularly English. All you need is an excellent internet connection and skype – you can then make money online by teaching.

Ok so that’s some of the legit ways you can earn money online by offering your services and skills. Please comment below and let me know some other ways you can earn money as a freelancer or what has helped you.

Now the part I was excited to write. Ways you can earn money online by being your own boss…


The Boss – Most Profitable Ways To Be The Boss Online. Making Money And Building A Profitable Business


  1. Make Money Online Building Websites For Companies

My one client makes about $ 20,000 per month building niche websites for other businesses. He has a developer that builds the niche websites and businesses are willing to spend a lot for professional looking websites.

The company you are building the website for will just need to sign up for hosting, buy a domain name and you can hire a website developer if you don’t know how to build websites. Building a website is actually very simple though.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

My preferred method to earn money online because it is so easy. You can earn commission for major networks like Amazon, Apple, and so many others. If you have the proper tools and training to learn affiliate marketing, then your earning potential will just keep growing.

If building a blog or website and using affiliate marketing is something you want to try, then you can read my review here to get the proper tools.


  1. Create Your Product And Sell Online

My mom has always been good with her hands, so she started making baby clothes and baby gift baskets and this turned into a very successful niche for her. So creating something and selling it online is another great way to earn money.

If you are a writer you can create eBooks and sell them on various platforms like Amazon or Smashwords. People love reading and this is a perfect way for you to earn some money while doing something you love.


  1. Create A YouTube Channel And Monetize

This is a more difficult way of earning money online but many people have done well. However, you can’t just put up any old video and hope to earn some money – it basically has to be videos that have the potential to go viral. This is the only way you can make money from the advertising YouTube will place on the video.

I prefer building traffic to my niche websites that trying to attract traffic to YouTube, but if you are great in front of the camera and have viral-worthy content, then you can make a lot of money. You can leverage social media to your advantage by sharing your YouTube videos and increasing the amount of subscribers you have.


  1. Creating Your Own Niche Website

If you can build a website and drive traffic to it, then you have the potential to earn a lot of revenue. Times have changed and websites have now become so easy to build – it can literally take you a matter of minutes to have a live site.

There are millions of niche websites to build and the great thing is you can make money while building something you are passionate about.

Some popular niche websites are…

  1. Fitness – everyone wants to keep fit. You can create a website that offers workout routines and eating plans.
  2. Health – this is probably the biggest niche and reasonably so. People are always looking for ways to stay healthy, so you could start a website about natural health remedies.
  3. Technology – another competitive niche is technology. So if you have a passion for the latest gadgets and equipment you could start a site related to the latest PC’s or a site on drones and quadcopters.
  4. Fashion – if you have a thing for fashion, then you will surely do well with this niche. I started a men’s fashion blog and it earns me an impressive income based on Amazon sales.
  5. Relationship Advice – if you are always someone who gives your friends relationship advice, why not start a website that offers advice for couples. Great way to earn through your website.

I currently have a list of about 1700 niche ideas for websites, but that’s a blog post all on its own for another day…


make money online

  1. Google Adsense

This is great if you have a website or blog that has tons of traffic. You can earn money by placing adverts on your site and you will earn every time someone clicks on the advertisement. You will submit your website URL and Google will either accept you or reject your application. They want to see lots of content on your site so build up your site before applying for Google Adsense


22. Build Websites & Flip For A Profit

I have a friend that buys houses, renovates them and then sells them for a massive profit. Since property is not really my thing, I decided if she can do it with property I can do it with websites. I started building websites, adding content, driving traffic and once they had enough domain authority, I would sell them. On my men’s shaving and hair clipper site, I invested about $1000 over a two-year period. In 2013, I sold it for just under $4,500. That’s a $3,500 profit just for building a website and adding content.


How Much Money Can You Earn

Before I share some techniques with you, lets talk about the expected results. If you want some quick cash or you think it is an easy job – then you are in for some disappointment. You have to put in the hours. All my niche websites I built took months. How much money can you earn? Well, how much work are you willing to invest.

I can name about four people who are earning between $10,000 and $20,000 per month because they have invested a lot of time in their websites. In my opinion, there is no answer to how much you can earn. My advice to you is not to think about money in the beginning – just build your website and add content.

I hope you will earn money from one or more of the methods I have discussed here. Comment below and let us know if you have any other legit online opportunities.

make money online



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    • Hi Cathy. Yes, Fiverr is also a good way to make money. I have bought services on Fiverr, but haven’t actually used it to make money, but a lot of freelancers really do well there.

    • Hi JJ. I personally don’t use Google Adsense but one of my colleagues in the field of internet marketing makes at least $2,000 a month just from Google Adsense. You need tons of traffic though in order to make any decent money from Adsense. Thanks for the question. Let me know if you have any others.


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