How Long Should A Blog Post Be

how long should a blog post be


When I first started blogging and building up my various niche websites, I would constantly ponder on this question instead of just writing. Still to this day, I get this question all the time from bloggers and internet marketers.

How Long Should My Blog Posts Be

Firstly, this is not clear cut answer. It depends on your niche and your target audience. Is your website more image based? Does your audience prefer videos or audio? Does your audience prefer informational content? What style of content does your audience prefer? You first need to define who your target audience is before you can determine how long your blog posts will be.

I prefer longer type of articles of more than 1000+ words but I do write shorter posts too. Sometimes the length of your posts is not as important as the actual content. Remember, quality over quantity. If you can get your point across in 700 words, then that’s fine too.


Top 10 Google Ranking Based On Word Count

If you are an internet marketer, blogger, or content producer then you know how vital search engine rankings are. I’ve built thriving online businesses all because of search engine rankings and targeted keywords. Even though nobody will ever understand Google’s algorithm, research has suggested that longer posts tend to rank higher on search engines.

SERPIQ analyzed multiple search engine results and found a direct connection between a search engine result page (SERP) and the length of content. Refer to the following graph for an analysis of the results.


how long should a blog post be


As you can see, all of the top 10 results have at least 2000 words of content per post. The top 3 have close to or more than 2,500 words. I wouldn’t worry too much about the length though. Content length is important but there are also other SEO ranking factors that are just as important.


Social Media Engagement Versus Content-Length

Another experiment was conducted to see how shareable a post was based on its length. From the research, you can see in the graph that longer posts got more shares on social media.


how long should a blog post be


Based on the graph you can clearly see that social media engagement was a lot more for posts that were longer than 1,500 words. It’s not just about social media engagement but also the quality of your content. What I mean is that people link to high-quality content, so don’t disregard the importance of backlinks. I have had many professional sites link to my content and every time that happens, your ranking and trust within Google improves.


More Variety Means More Keyword Potential

The more words, the greater your variety when targeting keywords.

Let me give you an example: I’m currently working on an article about writing great blog post titles. Say for instance the post is only 300 words, I would probably use the keyword ‘’write great blog titles.’’

If I were writing 1,500 or more words, that would give me so much more variety. I can then use other keywords which are related:

  • Easy Tricks to create a blog title
  • Writing a magnetic blog title
  • Attention grabbing blog titles
  • The formula to write a great blog title
  • The key to writing great blog titles

Now that I have increased from 300 to 1,500 words, I have a lot more variety. The more variety and diversity you have, the better you will do in search rankings. Keep in mind, Google isn’t just delivering posts that are an exact match to your search query, they delivering results that are similar too. Refer to the screenshot I took – my search term is giving me other keywords that are similar to the one I just searched for.

Refer to the screenshot I took – my search term is giving me other keywords that are similar to the one I just searched for.

Sometimes when I look at Google Analytics I’m very surprised at the search terms people put into Google to reach my articles but that’s the goal for any blogger or content producer- to get more targeted traffic.  So the longer your content, the more variety you will have and your chances to rank for more keywords will also improve.


how long should a blog post be



As I mentioned, don’t be too worried about the length. If you can convey your message in under 1,000 words, then that’s fine. An authority website contacted me and asked if I could include an infographic on one my niche websites, so I agreed as it was beneficial to my audience. The post I wrote was only 100 words, why? Because the infographic was all that was needed and it did very well amongst my readers. My point is, quality and value is just as important as the word count.

Ask yourself who are you writing for – are you writing for your audience or for the search engines. If you write blogs with your audience in mind your rankings will automatically follow. What I mean by this is if your audience finds your content useful, they will share, comment, and engage. This will alert Google that your site is authoritative and gaining momentum.

If you refer to the screenshot below. This is a brand new site I just started a few weeks ago. My site trust is only 10% but as I add more content and attract more visitors, it will increase my trust with the search engines.

how long should a blog post be

If you focusing on numbers I would say, try to aim for 1,000 – 1,500 per post – you can always increase as time goes on. My personal minimum for posts is 1,000 words but again it depends on your niche and target audience. Just because research shows longer posts tend to do better, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Experiment with a variety of lengths and see what works for you.







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