11 Best Genesis WordPress Plugins

Genesis is a highly recommended WordPress theme for internet marketing because of its SEO capabilities. Are you looking for the best genesis WordPress plugin?

The design is intended to be SEO friendly but it also has a clean code with no clutter in the design. Many bloggers and website owners who make the change to the Genesis framework, have commented on what a world of difference it makes in comparison to what they were using before.

To get the best from the genesis framework, you still need to have the plugins to make the site even better. Below are some of the best plugins for the genesis framework.

Genesis Extender

This is a feature-rich plugin that remains light on the server so you are able to do a lot more without using up too much server space. It improves the entire functionality of the website. As the user is able to edit a lot more to suit their preferences and creative people will enjoy the design options it provides. It has a cool Google font feature which makes it easy to edit typography on the website without too much hassle. If you are the kind who likes changing things often, you will love this plugin.

genesis WordPress plugin


Genesis Simple Hooks

Hooks on Genesis are one of the best features you can find. They make it very easy to carry out modifications to any part of the website. Now with simple hooks, it is even easier as you are able to add PHP code and HTML code in the admin panel. This is quite convenient for people who are not used to working with code and prefer to work directly on the WordPress admin panel.

genesis WordPress plugin

Visual Hook Guide

This goes hand in hand with the simple hooks, it is like the GPS for the hooks. It is designed with a drop down menu which will show the user the available hooks and their locations so it saves time and reduces errors.


Genesis Design Pallete Pro

Not everyone using Genesis is good at coding, that is what makes this one of the best plugins for the genesis framework. The design pallete Pro makes it easy for anyone to edit the themes on the framework even if they do not know code.

There is not a single need to write code to customize your website, simply install this plugin and you are able to change the design in a language you understand. Design Pallete Pro has a visual composer that enables you to just choose what you prefer as opposed to having to write the code for that.

Genesis Design Pallete Pro

Genesis Responsive Slider

This plugin will help you get more traffic to your site using sliders. You can put important information or articles in the sliders and that usually attracts the attention of people but what is even better about it is that it is a responsive slider so it can adapt to different screens.

Considering most people use their mobile devices to browse the net, it is important that your slider is adapted for mobile devices with small screens as well as bigger screens. This plugin does that without you having to go into the tedious activity of making it responsive.

Genesis Responsive Slider


Genesis Simple Sidebars

The word simple may be misleading considering how powerful this plugin is. It makes it easy to install sidebars anywhere on the website with very little fuss. Sidebars add to the user experience of your site so it is important that you can create them fast and easy. In the end, more people will return to your site since they can find things much easier.

Genesis Simple Sidebars

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

If you have a website that does woocommerce, then this is evidently one of the best plugins for genesis framework you can find, it is designed to make it easy to create an e-commerce site. Definitely one of the best genesis WordPress plugins if you have an online store.

It makes a smooth integration of pages to display different items that you may be selling on your site. Arranging your pages and items is done without too much hassle and it enhances the overall user experience.

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

Printstyle Plus

The Genesis print style plus will help you get any page on your site readable when it is printed. There is not much involved in setting it up and it even gives options for adding CSS files so that users can have different options of printing styles.


Genesis Author Pro

If you are running a site that sells or features books, then this is a valuable Genesis plugin to have. It helps you add a library option on the site which will provide a library list of different featured books. You can also use it to feature a particular book with all the details like the author, the price as well as attractive quotes from the book to attract visitors to the book. It can be used to feature a sponsored advert for a particular book if, for example, it is going to be launched soon.

genesis WordPress plugin

Genesis Layout Extras

This plugin brings customizing of pages right at your fingertips. You can add whatever extras you want to pages on your site to make them reflect more of what you would like. It is a chance to get creative. It is possible to customize each and every page on your site to highlight the different categories.

genesis WordPress plugin

Genesis Grid

This pretty neat plugin lets you show all your different posts. It gives you control of what you display on the grid as well as the sizes of images featured.

genesis WordPress plugin

Final Words

These are some of the most used and appreciated genesis WordPress plugins there are. There are many others that you may discover which are useful to you but at least half of these plugins for the genesis framework will prove to be quite useful.

Also, there is a lot of development in this industry so do not be surprised if a few months from now you discover that another plugin has been added to the list and replaced another.



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