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You obviously know how important traffic is for your website, especially if you want to generate an income from it. You might be wondering how to generate free traffic. The search engines love high-quality and unique content. If your content is average, you will still make revenue though. At this stage, any revenue is better than nothing! It took me a few months before I started seeing any revenue from my websites, but all the hard work was worth it in the end.

Building Traffic for Your Website

At the end of the day, if you don’t have any traffic, you are not going to make sales and earn revenue. A lot of scams tell you, ‘’pay just $ 25 and we will drive 5000 visitors to your site’’. Really? No. Even if they do drive thousands of visitors to your site, they probably won’t even buy anything. You want to get targeted traffic. For instance, if you own a site related to dogs, you want to ultimately attract people who own dogs, because they are the ones who will click on your site and generate a sale.

So you need to build quality content and by doing this, you will attract targeted traffic. Let me tell you, people do extensive research before purchasing a product. Someone might type ‘’why should I buy my dog a collar’’. The next search might be, ‘’best collars for poodles’’.

A few days later they might search, ‘’poodle collars with free shipping’’. We want these people that are further ahead in the product life cycle, we want the people who are ready to make a purchase. That will be your targeted traffic.

How to Find Targeted Traffic

Social Media

Find people in your niche that have the same interests.  If your niche website, for example, is about gadgets and technology, join various groups and ‘’like’’ some pages on Facebook and interact with various people in the IT field or whatever niche you are interested in.

Using social media to your advantage is not about sharing your links everywhere, hoping people will click on it and go to your website. People hate that and you will probably see your friends and followers decline. By all means, add your website link on your social media profiles.


Keyword Research

You might have picked up, I place a lot of emphasis on keyword research and a lot of my time is spent on searching for targeted keywords that will get my content ranked. Read my post here on how I do my keyword research and what tools I use.

When you are a beginner it can take long for your website to be discovered by the search engines.  There is so much happening in the background and behind the scenes, the search engines might not be paying attention to your website. You might be indexed, but you might end up on page 25 of the search results; a place where people don’t even go to. I usually don’t even go higher than page 5 when I’m searching for something on the internet.

Consistency is the key factor here, but you can’t just post 100 blogs in a week to fast-track your consistency, it doesn’t work like that – it takes time.

I have a better way though, go for low-hanging keywords. I learnt this from Wealthy Affiliate. After you have done your keyword research, it is better to choose keywords that have, say for instance 20 visitors a day and there are 30 pages on Google targeting the keyword, compared to choosing a keyword that has 1000 visitors a day, but there are 500 pages targeting the same keyword.

This is what I mean: Do you see the keyword, ”free keyword research tool” has over 300 results while the keyword, ”what is the best free keyword research tool” only has 15 results. This means if you choose the latter, chances are you will be ranked higher. In the beginning, choose keywords with low competition.

How To Generate Free Traffic

How To Generate Free Traffic

To Google, you are just another site, so you have to show the search engines what makes your site different and you do this by posting valuable content and choosing the correct keywords. Let me tell you one thing, the main reason why many website owners give up is because they are impatient and want results NOW. It doesn’t work like that.

If after 3 or 6 months you see no results, keep on posting. You will eventually see results and revenue. If you want to ask anything comment below or head over to the Wealthy Affiliate site and ask the community experts for some advice, they are always ready to help, since their websites are their full time business.

Get ready to target your traffic. Good luck!






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