FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide Review

FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide Review

fat-stacks-niche-tycoonProduct Name: FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide

Product Owner: Jon Dykstra

Price: $97

Rating: 91/100




What Is The FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide

Basically, The FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide shows you how to set-up a website and make it profitable. You will get a 100 plus page PDF training guide with video tutorials. Jon will show you how he targeted traffic to his website through Facebook ads and Google AdSense.

The guide was created by Jon Dykstra and he earns between $40-$60k per month. Since I have studied affiliate marketing quite extensively, I thought I would purchase the guide just for the fun of it and see what approaches he took to generates that kind of money each month. I must say his approach is pretty basic, but the process of how he does it is brilliant.

I rarely rate programs 90/100 and over but The FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide is one of the few that deserves a high rating.

FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide

Before You Decide To Purchase

Some of the benefits is the value of the information you will receive with simple concepts to follow. If you are not too keen on writing content to drive traffic, then the guide is perfect for you.

The only issues are that it relies a lot on Google AdSense and you will need a budget to start. I like the fact that there are no fancy sales funnels and he tells you directly what you need to do.

Irrespective if you are a newbie or a professional marketer, this guide can be used by anyone. He breaks everything down, so it is rather easy to understand and grasp. If you loathe writing or you can’t afford to outsource your writing, then this is perfect for you.  This type of marketing only requires you to create content in list form and add relevant images.

The downside is that if you don’t have a budget in place or you can’t afford it right now, then this guide is not for you. You will need roughly between $200 – $300 per month to apply the teachings in this guide.


What Training Will You Receive

Jon’s training and techniques are comprehensive and precise as he shows you how to build a website and earn a profit, which he did in only 8 months. Some visual aids are included (e.g. videos) if you get stuck.

The training will show you how to build a WordPress site, generate traffic, and how he gets over 1 million visits a month to his site. You will also learn how to choose a niche, make a profit, target keywords, and use Facebook ads. I have started using some of the techniques in the guide and I can see a vast difference in the number of visitors I’m getting to my various niche websites.

Even though I don’t use Facebook ads, I have implemented some of the valuable techniques he has presented in the guide.


What is the Cost Involved

This guide will cost you a once-off fee of $97, but they usually have discounts. I got mine for $59. A lot of scammers out there don’t even teach you half the information that is contained within this guide and some charge hundreds of dollars per month. Compared to the various guides I have bought over the years; this is well worth the money.


What I Liked

Concise Information

Jon presents you with everything he is doing with his websites, even though he never actually reveals his websites. The guide is concise and straight to the point and best of all, it is simple.

All you have to do is build lists of content with images and use paid Facebook adverts to drive traffic to your niche website. Since you using Google AdSense, the main aim is to drive as much traffic as you can to your website. There are no sales pitches or sales funnels you have to do, just create lists and drive traffic. However, you will need tons of traffic before you start earning a decent revenue.


You Hate Writing Content

Since one of my jobs is writing, I don’t have a problem creating content. There are people out there that hate writing articles and blogs, which is why many people outsource this function. With this guide though you only have to create lists of images. It probably won’t be more than 100 words per image. Unlike with an article where you have to sit down and write 1000 plus words.

Instead of spending time writing up to 2000 words per day, you can use that time and focus on the simple details of your website or create Facebook adverts.


What I Didn’t Like

The Use Of Google AdSense

I really don’t understand the policy behind Google Adsense. It takes you forever to get accepted into the Google AdSense program, but then when you do get accepted and if you are not careful they ban you for life from the program. There is no explanation since they can’t give one as per their policy. So you won’t even know what you did wrong, you will just get an email to say you are banned. Needless to say, I have never been a fan of Google AdSense, but the teachings in the FAT Stacks Niche Tycoon guide are worth it anyway.


Final Verdict

A first-class learning guide that is simple to implement. I have read it once and intend on going through it again. Even though I’m not going to use AdSense, I’m definitely going to put some of his other techniques into practice on my websites.




What if You Don’t Have A Budget?

So to set-up Facebook adverts, you will need between $200 and $300 per month as a minimum. As a newbie, not many people have that type of budget. I would then recommend you try Wealthy Affiliate. You get the free membership plan which includes two free websites for life and you get the premium membership which is $47 per month.

This is where I learned 99% of my skills and you have access to over 700 tutorials. There is more of a focus on free traffic than paid traffic, so the budget required is virtually a few dollars. Just another option to look at if FAT Stacks is not something you are interested in.


You Can Purchase The FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide Here




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