Domain Names And Hosting

Finding domain names was one of my biggest concerns when I started my first niche website. I knew the market I wanted to target with my website but I had no idea what my domain name would be.

Why is a domain name important so may ask? This is the start of creating a brand for your website that people will become familiar with. 

Some tips when creating a domain name:

  • Avoid misspellings
  • Try not to use any dashes
  • Don’t use numbers

When choosing a domain name you want to limit confusion as much as possible for your visitors.

Lets just make up a random domain name, for example,

A domain like that would take quite a lot of explaining to do if you are talking to someone and they can’t physically see your domain name. In their mind, they probably thinking of You want to make your domain name simple and also not too long.

Choosing A Domain Name Extension 

When we speak about a domain extension, we are referring to .com, .info, .biz. So whatever your domain name ends in, that is your domain extension. When choosing a domain name, stick with what Google prefers, and that is domain names that end in .com. 

Extensions like .info and .biz are considered spammy extensions, so stick with what Google prefers and plus a .com extension is also easier for your audience to remember. 

Bluehost is still my preferred place to buy domain names. You can use their tool below to see if the domain name you want is available. If it's available, purchase it before someone else claims it:

This is the standard cost to purchase and register a domain name:

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