Content Creation Process

You have your niche, a domain name and now you are probably thinking about an effective content creation process so you can attract visitors and also rank well within the search engines.

You have followed all the guidelines with setting up your website, you have added a privacy policy and site map (which Google insists on), you have added some posts, but you still haven’t made any revenue. Now what?

In the end, if you don’t do keyword research, then chances are your posts will not get ranked and in turn, you will not attract any visitors.

There is only one keyword tool I use; you can read about my Jaaxy review.

Content Creation Process

 Content Creation Process And Techniques

In the beginning, your budget might be limited, so writing your own content might be the best way forward. Once your site attracts visitors and starts earning revenue, you can outsource your content creation. Contracting someone else to create your content can save you loads of time, assuming you hire the correct person or business to write your blogs or articles for you. You can also let your writers come up with their own content creation ideas or you can provide them with guidelines on what content you want them to write.

There are some niche sites where I prefer to write the content myself, then there are other sites where I outsource all my writing. You can look on Upwork or People Per Hour if you are looking to hire a writer or two.

  1. Research your topic
  2. Do Keyword research. Using a keyword tool makes it easier.
  3. Determine the type of content. Do you want a blog post, a general article or a review.
  4. Form the skeleton of your post or the basic framework, such as your main points and any sub-headings.
  5. Start writing your content and publish. Quality content should get indexed by Google fairly quickly.

How Much Content Generation Costs

The cost actually depends on the business or writer you hire as there are several kinds of content generation businesses that structure their fees differently.

It is essential when contracting content generation companies to read about their reputation and see if they are reliable. There are lots of content generation companies that deliver poor quality content produced by authors that really don’t write very well! I have about 5 writers that I have found in various parts of the world that I can call on whenever I need a blog or article. Keep in mind, your content creation is what will get your website ranked, so placing emphasis on your content is imperative.

Like I said, it may be best to write your own content in the beginning on your chosen niche and try to write at least one post per day. Google also scans your site to determine publishing frequency.

So get to work and start creating content.

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