Avoid Scams Online – 5 Methods

Avoid Scams Online – 5 Methods

There are hundreds of thousands of scams online. When I was first starting out I lost hundreds of dollars investing in programs which I believed were genuine online opportunities. I’m going to show you some methods how to avoid scams online. These methods helped me and I’m sure they will help you too.

Fake Promises

I find it amusing when I go to a site and it says, ‘’Learn how I made $20,000 within a month’’. When I started creating niche websites, I only started earning revenue six months after a built my sites, so earning $20,000 within your first month is too good to be true.

Like anything in life, earning money online takes a considerable amount of work. You don’t just snap your fingers and automatically get thousands of dollars like some of these programs promise you. It may seem enticing, but first do your research before you start investing in promises that may cause you to lose money.

Avoid Scams Online – 5 Methods


Research Testimonials

If there is an online opportunity on the internet the chances are that someone has already reviewed it. So make sure to read testimonials and reviews to find out if it’s a genuine opportunity.

I made sure I did my homework before I lost any more of my money which is why I invested in programs like Wealthy Affiliate, ClickBank, and Amazon Associates. These are some of the few programs where I really did make money through my websites.

I once bought an eBook for around $100 and it promised to show you ‘’how to earn money fast’’. I read it and basically, it was a rehash of something I could have found on Google. It I did some research I would have found that there were tons of negative reviews. So I lost money because I failed to do proper research.

Avoid Scams Online – 5 Methods

Research The Founders – Are They Accessible

When I do proper research to determine whether something is a scam or not, I like to extend my research to the founders also. Who are they? What are their values? Do they implement the program they are promoting?

I also like to see if the founders are accessible. Some programs don’t include any contact details or form of communication. Why is this? Why don’t the founders want you to contact them? Surely if they were legitimate they would include contact details on their website.


Communicate With Others

What I do now is I actually communicate with people who have actually bought or invested in an online opportunity. That’s what I like about Wealthy Affiliate, you can inbox the founders directly and other members or you can read their blogs to see their success with their niche websites.

They are so knowledgeable they know how to spot a scam instantly, so talk to other people and get their advice whether they think something is a scam or not.


Can You Get A Free Trial

I still don’t understand how a program can expect you to buy into their opportunity if they don’t at least give you a trial period first. I don’t sign up for any online opportunities unless they offer a free trial period or at least a full money back guarantee. That shows me they are legitimate and won’t just ‘’run off with your money’’.


Avoid Scams Online – 5 Methods








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