About Me

Hello everyone. Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for visiting my website. It shows me that you are serious and want to earn money online. My name is Jean and I live in the beautiful country of South Africa.  

I’m an internet marketer, and My Daily Income is a website where I give people the tools and knowledge to start an online business through affiliate marketing and make some money in doing so.

I wasn’t always an internet marketer; in fact, I’m a professional writer, editor and accountant. At the end of the day internet marketing was the career I decided to follow.

The reason I chose to place my focus on building various websites and affiliate marketing was because I was earning more money in a month (doing it on a part-time basis) than my entire salary I earned as a full-time accountant. Now the logic is simple, why do something full-time when you can work on a part-time basis and earn way more!

Let me backtrack a bit and show how you how I became an internet marketer.

How It All Started

I knew I didn’t want to be an accountant forever because, in fact, it was really boring. It just happened to be something I was good at, but not passionate about. I knew I wanted to earn an income from home but didn’t know how. I browsed hundreds of sites, got scammed by a few and then gave up on the idea. I thought, well, I’m going to be stuck in an office forever working with figures, stuck with colleagues I don't like, so I better just suck it up.

Then one day, I was editing articles as a side job and my client sent me a batch of eight articles he needed me to edit. It was about Affiliate Marketing and it really grabbed my attention. The articles spoke about a company called Wealthy Affiliate. I decided to visit the site and I signed up for the training. 

I Started To Make Money Through My Websites

I joined the free training plan on Wealthy Affiliate platform to try it and worked through tutorials, webinars, guides and they have an online forum with a very active community. I will explain more about this internet marketing training program here. But for now, I want to give you some more info about me and my success.

So I started to build a couple of websites based on the training I received and started earning revenue a few months down the line. I knew NOTHING about internet marketing and so many people from Wealthy Affiliate helped me along the way. 

I handed my resignation in at the beginning of January 2017, quit my job at the end of January 2017 and started working full-time from home in February 2017.

One year later, and I'm still killing it with my websites and blogging. That's what I love about passive income and affiliate marketing. There are over 3 billion people shopping online; all you need is a little slice of the pie and you're sorted.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you as you start your online business.