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Company Name: 30 Minute Money Machine 2.0

Price: $9.95

Owner: Mark Barrett

Overall Rating: 40/100


What is it?

This is a video course created by Mark Barrett and currently sells for $9.95. It essentially teaches you how to create video reviews and make money doing so. It offers beginners advice on how to make money. It’s a good idea but you can’t really anticipate much and the returns aren’t going to add up to very much at the end of the day.

What Do You Get?

It’s divided into three parts which equal 19 minutes in total. Given the information I know about reviews and making money online, that doesn’t seem enough to cover all the relevant details. I did all my training through Wealthy Affiliate and it took me days to learn how to create a website and earn money. So, 19 minutes?  I highly doubt it! However, this is intended for novices and those who can’t spend a lot of time and cash.


What I Liked

Great For Beginners

If there is one aspect I do like about the 30 Minute Money Machine; it is great for novices who are looking how to make money. The suggestions are simple and easy to implement, and it will cost you nothing at the end of the day.

30 Minute Money Machine proposes that you use Google hangouts to make video reviews. You can create these reviews to advertise affiliate products. The notion is that by creating a Google hangout your video will be ranked on the first page of the search engines. You will just have to create these reviews and hope you drive enough traffic that will lead to sales.

If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing, then this seems like a good way to get started since the videos only take a few minutes.


What I Didn’t Like

When I buy a product, there are two main points I search for. Firstly, is the information practical or does it add value and is there any support or guidance. Unfortunately, the 30 Minute Money Machine fails in terms of value and support.


Misguided Information

Mark states that you will get a boost in the search results if you create Google hangouts. Being on the first page of Google means you receive a significant amount of traffic. Ultimately, you can convert some of this traffic into sales.

Regrettably, you don’t essentially obtain a boost in search results, just by creating a live Google hangout. What Mark, and countless others don’t realize, is that Google offers tailored search results based on a person’s previous search history.

You have the preference to switch this feature on and off as you please. However, what Mark displays in his videos is based on his personalized search results.


No Support

If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing, support plays a pivotal role. One of the main issues I observed with this product is the support that you receive. When I first started, I joined many online opportunities and it can be a daunting task if you have no guidance or any form of support. However, almost every product I have tested falls short in this area.

You make a purchase and get access to the three videos – nothing more. There’s no support, no guidance, no form of contact. You are left to watch the videos and implement the information.

Mark could have included an email, links to social media or any form of communication but he chose not to do that. Probably too much effort? If someone is investing their hard earned cash in one of my products, I’m definitely going to go all out and provide some form of support or guidance.



30 Minute Money Machine is acceptable. If there is one thing I have experienced and that is success with affiliate marketing is not as stress-free as Mark suggests but with lots of persistence, perseverance and effort – you’ll get there.


What To Do Now?

Yes, it is a nice guide for beginners but it only touches on one point of affiliate marketing. When it comes to affiliate marketing, not even a 19-minute video is enough to show you how to earn a passive income online. Without a niche website, you can’t actually earn an income and implement what 30 Minute Money Machine is trying to teach you.

If you want to get access to two free websites and some exclusive training tutorials, then join this online community. You won’t be sorry.



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